WEATHER LOUVRE - horizontal

The Veotec WL1 unit is a basic weather protection device for removing corrosive rain water and some sea spray from air intakes and exhaust applications.


used in:


  • HVAC systems
  • Engine air intakes
horizontal weather louvre - protecting turbine engines at a power station
Veotec stainless steel weather louvre - the first stage of intake protection

A standard stainless steel horizontal weather louver.

It is of robust construction manufactured from galvanised steel, marine grade aluminum or stainless steels.

With a low pressure drop and low maintenance it makes the ideal first stage protection for HVAC systems or engine air intakes.

It is available in any size to suit the customer requirements and can be fitted with bird and vermin guards if required.

The WL1 has the option to be fitted with a manual closing mechanism to close the blades or a water tight hatch can be fitted to the unit.

Veotec weather louvre incorporating a CP2 panel filter for extra protection

A painted horizontal weather louver combined with a CP2 panel filter fitted with a damper mechanism .

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