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Droplet Separators and Water Removal Technology

VEOTEC Air Intake System

At Veotec Americas, our air intake separators are designed to be used within demanding applications such as those found in offshore, coastal, marine, cruise ship, and navy ship environments. We also protect compressors and turbines.

The separators remove everything from sea spray and rain to bulk water and also can protect systems from airborne dust and other contaminants.

For details and to learn more about our many products, call (952) 582-4918.

Single-Stage Mist Eliminators

Our single-stage separator removes sea spray, rain, bulk water, salt, and other fine deliquesced aerosol debris from air intakes. It is typically used to protect HVAC equipment, ventilation systems, and diesel engine air intakes.

  • Compact size and light unit weights
  • Robust construction
  • Removes almost all water droplets
  • Excellent bulk water removal through its operating range
  • Low-pressure loss
  • Available in sizes to suit customer requirements
  • Constructed in marine-grade aluminum, plastic, galvanized steel, or high-grade stainless steel
  • Low maintenance

Ancillary equipment and drainage options are available, so please ask for details for mist eliminator manufacturers.


Jalousie Weathertight Hatches

When you operate in extreme conditions and need to be able to completely close off your intake system, count on our hinged jalousies.

All of our water removal products can be fitted with weathertight hatches, protecting intakes on heating, cooling, and ventilation systems, engine intakes, and engine exhausts.

Our hatches are available in a range of materials, including high-grade stainless steel to galvanized or painted carbon steel.

Multiple-Stage Mist Eliminators

Veotec inlets can be customized to include features like bug screens, hoods, hinged access, dampers, multiple stages of filtration, and acoustic attenuation

Core Eliminators

Eliminate droplets in a wide range of applications — including cooling towers, HVAC, air inlets, evaporative coolers, coils, ventilation, and nuclear systems — with our cost-efficient droplet separators.

Our core eliminators are provided fully assembled and ready for installation or as a kit that you can assemble. Please note that this is an OEM vane pack only, without a case.

Our eliminators are made in a variety of materials and offer many benefits.

  • Super-compact – core depths from 67mm
  • Low weight
  • Easy to clean
  • Very high efficiency
  • Simple installation
  • No cutting or assembly of vane packs
  • Short lead times

Are you in need of droplet separators? In most cases, we can deliver vane packs within two weeks of your order.

Horizontal Weather Louvers

The Veotec WL1 unit is a basic weather protection device for removing corrosive rainwater and some sea spray from air intakes and exhaust applications.

It’s ideal for first-stage protection of HVAC systems and engine air intakes and is available in any size you need. Bird and vermin guards can be added, as well.

Hydro Defense Spray Eliminator Panels

Veotec has designed and patented a frame that will allow the installation of a single-stage vertical vane where the current pre-filter is located in your gas turbine inlet.

The new moisture eliminator will remove 99% of five-micron water particles but not add significantly to the overall pressure drop of the system.

There is also a frame for a traditional pre-filter, which can be a bag filter or panel filter, and a second filter can also be upgraded with higher dust-holding capacity and give your system a longer service life.