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The two stage filter system generally comprises an inertial vane separator (SE1) and filter coalescer. The SE2 tends to be the first stage of an air intake, where it removes sea spray, rain, bulk water and gives a high output/efficiency against salt aerosols and other fine deliquesced debris.


used in:


  • HVAC systems
  • Ventilation systems
  • Diesel engine air intakes
  • Gas turbine filter systems
Two stage vane separator with hinged access
Veotec two stage separator - SE2 - showing the coalescer filter. An aluminium unit for a pilot boat

A small two stage unit in aluminum made for a pilot boat air intake showing the CP2 filter panel.

The SE2 typically protects HVAC equipment, ventilation systems, diesel engines and can be used as part of a gas turbine filter system.

SE2 is available in two configurations:

  • Normally used as inertial vane separator (SE1) / filter coalescer.
  • Optionally the SE2 may be filter coalescer / vane separator (SE1).

Veotec offers various filter coalescer options and can define the optimum SE2 system for customer’s installations.

  • The design of the SE2 offers:
  • Aerodynamically optimised at 4m/s face velocity
  • Compact size and light unit weights
  • Robust construction
  • Removes almost all water droplets
  • Excellent bulk water removal through its operating range
  • Low pressure loss
  • Available in sizes to suit customer requirements
  • Constructed in marine grade aluminum and high grade stainless steels
  • Low maintenance
  • Water drainage options including slot drainage, U tube, ansi flanged stub pipe
  • Available with ancillary equipment
  • Typical installation arrangements are:
  • Mounting on bulkhead
  • Insertion through bulkhead
  • Double flanged

Flanges can be made to customer requirements or to industry standards such as ISO15138.

two stage separator with a hinged access to the coalescer filters

A hinged two stage separator allowing easy access to the coalescer filters.

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