three stage

The three stage filter system combines all the benefits of a two stage separator with a third stage additional vane separator.


used in:


  • HVAC systems
  • Ventilation systems
  • Diesel engine air intakes
  • Gas turbine filter systems
three stage separator, combines the two stage with the addition of a second vane separator for extral protection

This allows for higher velocities up to 6m/sec whilst maintaining the high level of salt and moisture removal required for air intakes in offshore and coastal environments.

The IPX6 classification means the intake is protected to a very high level which allows other equipment installed downstream to not require such a high level of protection, saving money and space.

At 4.0 m/sec the SE3 has been tested and certified to meet IPX6 classification.

Stainless steel three stage eliminator with additional bird mesh and U tube drainage.

three stage separator with u-tube drainage and additional bird mesh guard

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