Filters for specific applications, everything from the standard Veotec CP2 to complement the SE series of separators, through to H12 for the ultimate inlet protection.


used in:


  • Power generation
  • Oil and gas
  • Marine
  • Transport
  • HVAC systems
  • Ventilation systems
  • Diesel engine air intakes
  • Gas turbine intakes
spare filters for air intakes, protection for a variety of environments

Veotec offers an industry-leading range of inlet air filters for power generation, oil and gas, diesel generators, offshore production and drilling platforms, ships, and HVAC applications. Our filter products include proprietary custom solutions and product pairings from our strategic partners.

Our filters efficiently protect your machinery from the hazards of salt, sand, dust, hydrocarbons, mist, fog, rain, and snow in extreme coastal, offshore, marine, desert, arctic, and inland environments.

These OEM and replacement spares include static (non-pulsing) and self-cleaning (pulse) cartridge elements, rigid pocket filters, mini-pleats, multi-v panels, deep pleats, prefilter wraps, and plastic or beverage board frame panels.

We specialize in high performance salt removal, watertight, coalescing, and dust collection solutions using field-proven blended, synthetic, glass, nano-fibre, or PTFE media options ranging from G3 to HEPA efficiency levels.

We can provide reliable filter solutions to meet your performance needs, extend your maintenance intervals, improve your profitability, and solve your filtration problems. A sample of filters are shown here but please contact our team to discuss your needs.

Coalescer panel filter - CP2

CP2 coalescer panel filter

Coalescer panel filter - CP3

CP3 coalescer panel filter

CP275 coalescer panel filter with a rear felt seal

Coalescer panel filter - CP275 with a rear felt seal
Coalescer panel filter - CP5

CP5 coalescer panel filter

Pulse cartridge filter

Pulse cartridge filter
Hydro bag filter available in filter classes G4, F5 and F6

Hydro bag filter

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