The marine environment is often the most challenging as the requirements are obviously of salt and water ingress protection but the conditions can be at the most extreme.


used in:


  • Vessel ventilation systems
  • Diesel engine air intakes
  • Engine exhaust systems
air intake and exhaust units fitted on a work boat
exhaust unit on a windfarm workboat

Engine intakes for engine room ventilation as well as general air conditioning need a very high level of protection which must not only be efficient but have a long and economic service life.

With its extensive knowledge of air intake systems, Veotec can design and manufacture a system for the most complex of marine air intake protection, from a gas turbine intake on a navy vessel to a simpler jalousie on a cargo ship.

Each intake is designed to meet the requirements of the vessel and the system it will be protecting. Veotec can offer specialist products and services such as trace heated intakes for the harshest environments and EMC filtration for radar protection.

Different types of vessel require different solutions and at Veotec we can design and manufacture them all. These include aesthetic properties as well as the functionality required for a super yacht or cruise liner, the extremely robust and compact design for military shipping, or economic design for merchant vessels.

air intake unit on a windfarm workboat

Exhaust unit on a windfarm  workboat

Intake unit on a windfarm workboat

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