watertight hatch

Where extreme conditions call for a complete closure of an intake system a hinged jalousie can be added to the separator.


used in:


  • HVAC systems
  • Ventilation systems
  • Engine intakes
  • Engine exhausts


watertight hatch on two stage separator with u-tube drainage

All of our water removal products can be fitted with a watertight/weather tight hatch where extreme conditions require extra protection.

Hinges can be placed on any side and the closing mechanism designed to suit the project specifications and efficiency requirements.

The material of manufacture can also be matched to the overall specification from high-grade stainless steel to galvanized or painted carbon steel.

A weather louver with a watertight hatch and the added protection of a CP2 panel filter.

hinged watertight hatch on a single stage separator in galvanised steel

Single stage separator with hinged watertight hatch in galvanised steel for a ship.

hinged watertight hatch on a weather louvre with coalescer filter
hinged watertight hatch on a weather louvre showing rear coalescer filter

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