spray eliminator panel

By using proven technology in an innovative way Veotec has developed a new concept in moisture elimination. Primarily developed for retrofit within an existing filter house without the need for expensive new steelwork.


used in:


  • HVAC systems
  • Power generation
  • Gas turbine intakes
  • Ventilation systems
the Hydro defence spray eliminator panel is a single stage vertical vane - suitable for retrofit of filter housings
the Hydro defence spray eliminator panel is a single stage vertical vane - suitable for retrofit of filter housings

The Hydro defence spray eliminator panel.

Veotec has from its inception always been at the forefront of new developments and utilising existing technology in different ways to maximize its potential.

Our vane technology has long been an industry leader offering unrivalled efficiency together with low-pressure drop and compact design.

Water ingress is a continuous problem in gas turbine inlets causing problems with filtration and contamination in the airstream, which can affect the performance of the turbine.

Traditionally the solution offered to this problem has been weather hoods and possibly coalescing filters at the front of the filter house. These filters are often media filters, which require maintenance. Both these solutions have proven to be less efficient at removing water, especially when the ingress is of small particles or large volumes.

The solution Veotec has developed is like all the best ideas - a relatively simple one. Taking its proven vane technology, Veotec has designed and patented a frame which will allow installation of a single stage vertical vane where the current prefilter is located. There is also a frame for a traditional pre filter, which can be a bag filter or panel filter.

The new moisture eliminator will remove 99% of 5 micron water particles but not add significantly to the overall pressure drop of the system. In fact the resistance will be far less than a wet traditional pre filter.

As part of the Hydro Defence System, a second filter can also be upgraded if required to a filter with higher dust holding capacity and therefore longer service life.

Because the new system is completely modular, if one gets damaged it can easily and cheaply be replaced - but in normal service it would require little or no maintenance.

Veotec believes this system could also be used for new installations, eliminating the need for weather hoods - therefore saving weight, cost and pressure loss whilst offering better protection. As most filter houses are designed to fit standard size static filters or pulse filters there would also be no extra engineering required.

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