fluid heat / cool moisture eliminator

By combining vane and coil technology Veotec has designed a unique product for very high moisture removal and the ability to heat or cool the inlet air all within one compact offering.


used in:


  • Power generation
  • Oil and gas
  • HVAC systems
  • Ventilation systems
  • Diesel engine air intakes
Medway power station - protection of turbine engines using the Veotec SE1TH trace heated product

Vane and louver spacing is typically accomplished by adding spacers or clips between vanes or louvers. By inserting tubes through holes in the vanes and then expanding those tubes, the expanded tubes permanently lock the vanes in place.

A heat transfer fluid may be added to the Tube Technology spacing, and heated or cooled to generate a desired air inlet performance. Heating prevents inlet icing and may reduce emissions. Cooling increases air density, improving system performance.

Design advantages:

  • No spacers, clips, or potential loose hardware
  • Spacing between vanes or louvers can be varied to match performance needs
  • Product strength and reliability is improved
  • Combines water removal with coil technology for substantial performance gain
  • Can heat fluid in the vanes or louvers to prevent inlet icing
  • Can heat or cool the air stream for desired air temperature

For a more traditional heating system using a trace heated tape - see more details on our Heated separators.

inlet heating and cooling system

Tube Technology for heating / cooling a mist eliminator.

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