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Read About the Problems We’ve Solved in the Industry

Get a better handle on what Veotec Americas can do for your enterprise by reading through some of our case studies. You’ll see that are emphasis is on understanding the situation and then coming up with customized solutions that produce positive results.

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Power Generation – Medway Power Station


Due to its coastal location, Medway operators were suffering from two distinct problems within their gas turbines, both of which were causing loss of power from the gas turbine and increased compressor washes to maintain optimum performance.

The first problem was moisture-laden air coming from the sea, which was corrosive in nature.

The second problem was the occurrences of freezing fog. This caused a steep rise in pressure drops across the existing filter systems, as well as moisture carryover into the system.


Veotec designed and manufactured a new two-stage filter protection system. The main purpose of this was to protect the final H10 filters from moisture carryover. The second aim was to protect the turbine and compressor from the salt-laden air.

The new system comprises a trace heated marine vane separator with a G4 panel filter.


Since installation, Kent has probably had one of its worst winters in a long time, with considerable snow and long periods of time where the temperature was well below freezing. Despite these harsh conditions, the filter house performed normally with no adverse conditions due to the extreme weather.

The site has two engines, so direct comparison between the modified engine and the existing installation was possible and, as can be seen from the graph, there were distinct advantages to the new system in terms of power loss.

Marine – Kvichak Pilot Boat Air Intake

Veotec is proud to supply Kvichak, a Vigor Company, with air inlet vanes (vertical louvers) and CP2 filters that are made in the USA.

The combination of Veotec SE1 spray eliminator vanes and CP2 coalescing filters achieve very high water droplet separation efficiency for the engine air intakes at low resistance in a compact size with easy access to the filters.

Photos provided by Kvichak.

Kvichak is recognized as a worldwide leader in the design and construction of high quality, hardworking aluminum vessels.

HVAC – Guntner Evaporative Condensers

Veotec is proud to supply Guntner’s premier line of ECOSS evaporative condensers and fluid coolers with air inlet and exhaust vanes (vertical louvers) that are made in the USA.

Veotec SR vanes have high water droplet separation efficiency at very low resistance in a compact size. The UV-resistant lightweight RPVC provides a light-blocking solution that is durable and effortlessly removable for maintenance and access to the ECOSS basin.

Photos provided by Guntner

Guntner is a division of Allied Heat Exchange Technology AG

Transport – Prevost Air Inlet Vanes

Veotec is proud to supply Prevost with compact air inlet vanes (vertical louvers) that are custom-built in the USA.

The Veotec vanes provide an efficient way to remove rain and road spray from the air stream, which cools the electronics enclosure in the engine compartment.

Prevost testing confirmed that Veotec’s SE1 (single-stage) vane separator provided exactly what was needed and a supply agreement was swiftly reached.

Photo provided by Prevost.
Prevost is a division of Volvo Group