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Veotec Americas Specializes in Custom INLET SOLUTIONS

Veotec designs and manufactures world class weather protection systems that effectively remove mist, drift, rain, snow, sea spray and other aerosols from air inlets. Veotec’s high efficiency vane and weather louver systems are operating around the world in power generation, oil & gas, HVAC, air handlers, railways, buses, elevator vents, recreational vehicles, boats, ships, and hovercraft. Veotec’s SETH electrical trace heated and SEFH fluid heated coil style louvers handle extreme conditions. Veotec inlets can also be customized to include features like fans, dampers, filters, and acoustic attenuation.

Keep Moisture Out of Your Air Intake System

Water Removal Technology

One of Veotec’s goals is keeping moisture out of your air intake system, no matter what environment you’re in. We offer moisture eliminators with more features than other manufacturers, and we specialize in snow, ice melt, and hurricane louvers.

Eliminate Moisture in Your Industrial Air Inlet System


Heat and cool your inlet air while simultaneously reducing high moisture levels. You also can customize the configurations in our units to improve your control over your heating and cooling processes. Ask about a vane demister!

Reduce the Noise Levels in Your HVAC Systems

Acoustic Attenuation and filtration accessories

Improve sound control in your air movement systems with silencer technology designed and fabricated by Veotec Americas.

Our uniquely designed software and splitter attenuators work with all kinds of systems throughout a wide range of industries, including power generation, oil and gas, marine, water and waste treatment, process industries, chemical, and general manufacturing, and commercial organizations.

Air Intake System Solutions

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